Growth HackathonAithena Growth Hackathon

At Miyagami, we stay busy on Fridays testing new tech, developing our team's skills, and ultimately trying any new concept where we see the opportunity for growth for our team and partners. One of those new concepts we have been playing with for the last few weeks is one-day tech and growth hackathons.

In these hackathons, our team of developers and strategists join forces with founders from start-ups, scale-ups and other businesses for an intense, one-day sprint. After a brief intro by the founder about their organisation and their main question or issues, our team joins in a pressure-cooker workshop to build a new digital product or optimise the organisation’s existing digital offer in just a few hours.

Business case

Last Friday was one of those high-energy days at the office. We welcomed Julien Winkel, CEO & Co-Founder of, who needed an additional feature for his service and someone who could help him in a short-time notice. His current software solution is dedicated to help sales teams find ideal customers at the press of a button. The software is designed around account based marketing and can generate new interesting prospects based on your current portfolio of customers. For some of his clients, it’s important to know the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number of these prospects.


Following our current hackathon structure, Julien started the session by giving a small presentation about his scale-up and answered some of our teams’ questions about the case. In a matter of hours, our development team, under the guidance of Dale (Co-Founder of Miyagami) and Julien, came up with the ideal solution for the case. The proposed solution was a custom web scraper. (A web scraper extracts underlying HTML code and, with it, data stored in a database). In more technical terms, they built a serverless headless scraper with error handling within a custom node JS Rest API, and a customized UI that allows uploading and deconstructing different Excel formats, and for the manipulation of this data with the results from the API calls. The tool can then export this manipulated data in Excel format again. Our team chose Next JS since it offers an integrated server and allows for an integrated experience without having to worry about CORS policies. Additionally, this scraper had a search function, which resolved some important issues. For error handling, there was an additional feature that could search for tags if the full name was not found. By six o'clock, our team had presented to Julien the first beta version of the KVK number Scraper.

Digital Partnership

The value of these hackathons is twofold. On the one hand, the founder gets a tangible solution in one day, and our team gets to test themselves. More importantly, we get to know each other, collaborate, and see the possibilities for a long-term digital partnership. So, for founders of start-ups, scale-ups or businesses interested in these one-day or two-day workshops, we are more than happy to help you improve your service or product. We have a dedicated team of developers looking for business opportunities that may be on hold due to time and resources constraints. If you have any questions regarding our proposed solution for Aithena or need more information about our services, contact us, we would love to collaborate with you and your team.

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