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At Miyagami, we like to challenge ourselves on Friday by testing new tech, improving our skills, and trying new formulas where we see the opportunity for growth for our team and partners. One of these new ideas, we have been working on, is one-day tech and growth hackathons. In these hackathons, we invite founders and organization to propose certain business cases.

The concept

In these hackathons, our team of developers and strategists join forces with founders from start-ups, scale-ups and other businesses for an intense, one-day sprint. After a brief intro by the founder about their organization and their main question or issues, our team joins in a pressure-cooker workshop to build a new digital product or optimize the organization’s existing digital offer in just a few hours.

Business case

On Monday, we had a call with Yuval Pappie, CEO & Founder of Snibble, who needed some advice for creating his application. Snibble is a community of people who always want to eat the best food. The app gives users the ability to post and discover their favourite dishes, create personal digital dish lists, see what their friends are eating, know where to eat on your city trip, earn points by posting dishes, and much more. Yuval is currently in the development phase of creating his app and needed some advice for his digital growth plan and an audit report for two specific problems:

  1. The Feed, which displays popular posts and enables users to interact with them by liking a post or replying.
  2. The Google Maps API integration. Since the posts are Geolocation bound, it will be essential that this implementation is set up in the most effective way and provide for simple user interaction and experience.


Yuval required someone who could help him in a short time notice. We discussed the expectations and the possible business case. The next day, Yuval gave a small presentation about his idea and answered our questions. We divided the work into two components, Dale and the development team would work on a technical analysis and recommendations based on the Feed and Google Maps API issue, while Alicia and Roderick held a creative session with Yuval to map out a digital growth plan. In this session we considered the aspects of growing the user base, collecting feedback from important early adopters, and landing page conversion. After an hour of brainstorming, we had drafted a plan for Yuval on how he could build its user base and set up a UI/UX experiment for multiple users of its platform. After the session with Yuval, we did a small catch-up with the whole team to present the results and let the development team contribute by sharing their view and own findings. At the end of the growth hackathon, we sat down and discussed the proposed solution for the feed and Google Maps API Integration and wrapped up the session with some beers.

Digital Partnership

The value of these hackathons is twofold. On the one hand, the founder gets a tangible solution in one day, and our team gets to test themselves. More importantly, we get to know each other, collaborate, and see the possibilities for a long-term digital partnership. So, for founders of start-ups, scale-ups, or businesses interested in these one-day or two-day workshops, we are more than happy to help you improve your service or product. We have a dedicated team of developers looking for business opportunities that may be on hold due to time and resources constraints. If you have any questions regarding our proposed solution for Snibble or need more information about our services, contact us, we would love to collaborate with you and your team.

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