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Fridays at Miyagami are always focused on self-development. Every Friday, one of the team members prepares a presentation, often it’s about using a new stack, making an app, or developing a business case.

Fridays at Miyagami are always focused on self-development. Every Friday, one of the team members prepares a presentation, often it’s about using a new stack, making an app, or developing a business case. This Friday was a bit different, and yes this will sound ridiculous, but we managed to launch a new online business in a one-day workshop. Yes folks, only one day. It was quite hectic at certain moments, but we managed to present to you the first prototype - zeroCard.

The idea

Since changing our name from Miyagi to Miyagami, we needed to update our business cards. We normally use the traditional old business cards. However, we’ve started to notice that we were not satisfied with the paper ones. Most of the time, you probably lose them, or they take a substantial amount of space in your wallet or bag and when the moment is there, they probably are ripped or curled, what a great way to show your business professionalism. Besides that, I always felt it had a stiff way of exchanging contacts. We live in a world where everything is digital, children of three years old know how to operate an iPad, my father, on the other hand, hardly knows how to use his iPhone properly. The older generation tends to stick to things they are familiar with, exchanging your contact information by paper for example. This is probably why the paper business card is still used and why we still use them. I believe that we should educate the older generation, which is in our case, our main clientele, by convincing them to use less natural resources, save cost and embrace the technological developments which make their lives easier, not harder. This means losing the paper cards and use a digital solution.

So, first, we checked what the market has to offer us. There are a lot of companies tackling this problem, however, we were still not sure why somebody would pay 30-100 euros for an online profile and an NFC card or sticker. This sparked the conversation during lunch, why should we not make our own? This was followed by: “why should we not make a free version for everybody”?. We have the technical capabilities in-house, and it would be a good development case for our team. So, we made an online business profile in one day which is accessible and totally free for everybody.

The Product

The NFC Card

An NFC (Near Field Communication) card is a plastic card with a small microchip embedded in the card, and this microchip tells a smartphone what to do, whenever it is touched to an NFC-compatible phone. The NFC card stores and sends data, in this case, your online business profile, by making use of radio waves to other NFC-compatible devices. It’s much faster, easier to use, and uses less power than other conventional solutions such as Bluetooth technology.

ZeroCard stands for the use of Zero cards for transferring (business) contact information. Or in some cases, only one NFC card, instead of using several trees to provide people in your business circle with the necessary contact information. Still, it’s quite vague, what we’re trying to achieve here. We gave you guys a little peek of our idea, but what are we actually trying to achieve here. It’s simple. First,

  1. Changing the standards of sharing (business) contact information
  2. Educating the old generation by making use of tech solutions
  3. Creating the cheapest solution for exchanging business contacts digitally
  4. Reducing our ecological footprint.

So, what should you do? You probably got excited by hearing the word FREE, that’s when most people get excited. Now, ready for some action, go to our custom-made website, and enroll for a free account. You can create an online business profile, where you can share all your information and store/change it online. It will generate your own profile with a personalized QR code that is able to be scanned by all compatible smartphones. If you want to go a step further, and still can’t get over the fact that you need to have something in your hands, we’ve come up with the perfect solution for you. We offer two solutions. The first one is the ability to pre-order an NFC card, this card allows you, to share your profile with a single tap against somebody’s phone. If you have enough of working with cards, your wallet is pilling up, and still want something psychical, we’ve come up with a smaller solution for you. This is the Zerocard Sticker, a sticker that can be attached to the back of your phone which contains the same NFC sticker as the card and is used the same way as the card. It will transfer your digital business card seamlessly towards your future business client. The sticker and the card are priced with no intention to make any profit. We are here to change the way we do business, not to fill our pockets. Prices for the NFC Card and the sticker will depend on the demand. Furthermore, all the profit we make will be donated to One tree planted, planting trees in the Amazon forest and monthly updates will be giving how many trees are being donated to The Amazon Forest on our website.

Roderick van Boetzelaer

Head of Growth & Operations

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