Transforming people

A lot of people are uncertain about their career and about what they want to be doing and what in life brings them joy. To solve this problem, PIT Self Placement developed a scientifically, statistical-based process that enables people to make this choice for themselves.

Transformation management

Miyagami developed and designed a scalable Python-based web application from which users can complete the necessary steps needed for the transformation process, while PIT Self Placement can manage the users and the progress of each user in their transformation process. To gain insight into the output of the system and the progress of its users, Miyagami designed a custom-made report, which is fully configurable from its web application.

Rapport generated for PIT Self Placement
Custom softwareData Analytics

By working extensively together, Miyagami was able to deliver beyond our expectations. Their flexibility and customer-oriented approach delivered a great solution to our business requests. Miyagami delivered good value for money.

PIT Self Placement
Rutger Koopmans
Founder, PIT Self Placement

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