Accelerating the energy transition

To solve the problem of requesting the energy usage data from the smart gas- and electricity meters, Miyagami designed and developed a cloud-based virtual server that requests and aggregates energy usage data from the Dutch Energy Data Services.

Insight in energy usage

In 2015, the Dutch government started with the installation of smart gas- and electricity meters in every dutch household. The main problem with these meters is the fact that they are only beneficial when the energy usage data is requested and displayed to the households. Together with SlimWonen, Miyagami designed and developed a complete solution.

Mobile application for SlimWonen

Multi platform interfaces

Miyagami designed and created a beautiful, scalable, cloud-based mobile application that is compatible with both iOS and Android, which not only could visualize the usage data but also contains many functions that would encourage households to be more sustainable.

Data analytics application for SlimWonen
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The collaboration with Miyagami is open and strongly team-oriented. Their flexibility and service orientation are very important to us. We now also continue to work together in management & further development, whereby we also continue to learn and develop together.

Michiel Lammers
CEO, SlimWonen

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