Decommissioning efficiently

In the upcoming decades, globally 2.000.000 oil and gas wells will reach the end of their economic life cycle. The major problem with decommissioning these wells is that it’s a very complex and expensive procedure such that it requires very accurate estimations and planning.

Cloud-based platform

Miyagami designed and developed an entirely scalable, cloud-based web application around the model, which shows quick and precise estimations. Using simplicity as a major guideline during the development, the final product resulted in a web application that ‘guides’ the user in a structured and clear manner through the complex model.

Graph view for WellDecommissioned web platform
Custom softwareData Analytics

Miyagami was able to properly and quickly translate our extensive and complex package of requirements, with which we had a working application within a few months that can be used directly in our work processes. Miyagami works independently, which means that the burden on our own people was limited.

Marc Nijmeijer
CEO, WellDecommissioned

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