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“Be the maximum expression of yourself” has always been a fundamental phrase for me. IBEX35, “Buy the dip, short the VIX”, CAC40, NASDAQ, DOW, “Buy the rumour, sell the news”, NYSE, Interest Rate… terms that at some point were of great interest to me, over time they became remorse and torture. Until I had enough, and since destiny loves irony, circumstances put me on the right path to change course by my own decision.

In 2015, fate (and its irony) put before me the first challenge: stay in Venezuela and assume the consequences of the crisis, or leave the country in search of a better future. Sadly, the situation in the country degenerated so radically that only the latter remained. Therefore, in 2016 I left my country for the US to study Finance.

Three and a half years passed. ROI, KPIs, Market Makers, Stock Options, Financial Markets… the deeper I got into it, the more I felt like I was making a terrible mistake. Once I finished my studies, and with the possibility of staying in the US, my partner and I decided to move to Europe. Here I had the opportunity to work as an analyst and project manager for 4 years. Sadly, I only found what I feared during my studies: monotony, thousands of redundant meetings, and a system that did not reward the result but the rigidity of the procedure.

2022 arrives: I am now a father, and fate (with its irony) knocks on the door again. The company I worked for had no use for multiple project administrators, and I was offered a position on the accounts payable team, a position I found incredibly boring. Fate once again proposed a challenge to me: accept a position where I was not happy, or take a step forward and recognize my mistake to correct it.

Given this news, I began to delve into programming, an area for which I always felt an affinity but which I did not pursue out of stubbornness. I started alone, without support, using only free online resources. Over time, I was running scripts that made my job more enjoyable. By September 2022, I was already mastering complex concepts such as Trees, nodes, memory leaks, etc. By October 2022, I quit my job in search of a career that would allow me to be the fullest expression of myself.

In 2023, after months of learning on my own, trying to balance parenting and starting a career from scratch, I decided to specialize in web development. There I learned in more depth the fundamental concepts of creating custom software for innovators, and thanks to Miyagami, my days are not monotonous, the meetings are not redundant. Here I am not only where the result is rewarded, but mistakes are also rewarded, because there is no shame in them, but they represent an opportunity for everyone to learn something.

Instead of dreading Mondays, I look forward to starting a new week, and each day I come to the office there is a team of 12 people who ensure the professional success of each of the team members and the projects we lead. I don't want to say we are a family, but we are not far from it. The focus here is not on who followed the rules best, but rather on who could go above and beyond to create products that not only meet our customers' needs but exceed every expectation they ever had.

Fate and its irony put me on the necessary path. I decided to accept the challenge and pursue the ultimate prize it offered. Being the maximum expression of oneself is the fundamental key to success because if I had not heard that expression, I would most likely be paying an invoice for a company that requested my services. Many people live through similar processes, but few leap to improve their lives. Building scalable, high-end software was my way, and it's only by being brave enough to listen to my own voice that I can now say I'm here.

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