7 December 2023

Best practices for building scalable web and mobile applications

Picture the scene: Your webshop, once a thriving digital marketplace, is now plagued by sluggish load times, critical performance issues, lost emails and an elusive freelancer who seems to have vanished into thin air. What was once a source of pride and profit has quickly turned into a nightmare, leaving you scrambling for solutions and desperately seeking answers. In the fast-paced world of online business, scalability is the lifeblood that ensures smooth operations, maintains customer satisfaction, and keeps revenue flowing. Yet, all too often, business owners and developers overlook the critical need to build scalable web and mobile applications, leading to catastrophic consequences when growth exceeds expectations.

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To effectively grow your business, it is crucial to have scalable web and mobile applications that can support your ambitions and prioritise the development of digital products that can handle increases in traffic, content and functionality. Neglecting to build these tools can lead to performance issues and a subpar user experience, ultimately causing missed opportunities for growth. This article will explore why this approach is important and the risks of non-scalable digital applications. We’ll also offer guidance on best practices for building scalable web and mobile applications and how to future-proof your applications and platforms with the help of an experienced digital product partner.

Why scalability is essential for digital applications

Scalability for digital web and mobile applications is central to business growth as it enables your products to handle increased user demand without sacrificing performance. By planning and designing for scalability from day one, you can save a great deal of time and resources in the long run. It's important to focus on developing efficient and flexible architectures and frameworks that can adapt to evolving requirements. This allows you to easily scale your applications as your user base and feature set expand.

Non-scalable applications pose several risks and challenges. As your user base grows, these products may struggle to handle increased traffic and data, resulting in slow loading times and system failures. This can make the products sluggish or unpleasant to use and you risk losing your hard-won customer to the competition and potentially damaging brand reputation. Furthermore, non-scalable applications often require significant rebuilding efforts to accommodate future needs, which is always time-consuming and costly. As we mentioned above, it is far better to get it right from the get-go. By investing in scalability upfront, you can avoid these risks and ensure that your applications can grow alongside your business.

How to create scalable, future-proofed designs

Here are some tips for designing and building scalable products that ensure you are prepared for a digital future.

Build with serverless architecture

Adopting serverless architecture brings a raft of benefits to growing businesses, eliminating the need for hosted servers and databases. With FireBase, for example, developers are liberated from the complexities and constraints of traditional server management, enabling them to build scalable applications with ease and get real-time updates. Similarly, Supabase provides a robust serverless alternative, allowing developers to offload the burden of infrastructure management and concentrate on creating high-quality applications. By leveraging these platforms, developers can effortlessly scale their applications in response to growing user demands, without the need for constant monitoring or resource provisioning. This approach not only streamlines development but also ensures enhanced scalability and performance.

Custom build for scalability

Design and develop your applications to handle increasing amounts of traffic, content and functionality. A good approach is to adopt a modular design system and a headless architecture that allows for easy addition or removal of features as and when they are needed (more on this shortly). This flexibility will enable you to scale your applications without disrupting the overall system or detracting from the user experience.

Anticipate changing trends in user behaviour

It’s crucial to keep a close eye on current and emerging trends in user behaviour, such as developments in generative AI, voice search and user experience (UX) preferences. Having a finger on the digital pulse will ensure your applications remain relevant and appealing to users over time.

Prioritise high levels of security

Security should always be a top priority when building web and mobile applications, particularly when you have ambitions to scale. Design your applications with security in mind from the outset, utilising secure protocols and encryption to protect sensitive user data.

Choose manageable technologies

Always choose technologies and frameworks that your team is familiar with and can effectively manage over time. Try to avoid overly complex or proprietary technologies that may be difficult to maintain or update, or train new team members on. Working with a digital partner like Miyagami means you get invaluable expertise when selecting the right technologies for your specific needs, including making sure they integrate well with the rest of your tech stack. Plus, we can also develop bespoke training resources so any new recruits can get up to speed quickly and best practices maintained.

Equipping you with the digital products that support your business growth

Partnering with an experienced design and tech agency is crucial for building scalable applications. The team at Miyagami brings technical expertise, deep industry knowledge and many years of experience to the table. We can provide custom software based on your specific needs and budget, ensuring that your digital products are scalable, efficient, secure and will delight your users long into the future.

We understand that your business needs are likely to change and evolve as you grow. That's why we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that your applications stay updated and optimised for performance. Additionally, we ensure that your team feels comfortable using these applications, offering any necessary training or assistance. Our goal is to provide continuous support and ensure that your digital tools align with your business objectives at all times.

So, pick up the phone or send us an email and find out how we can help you build scalabale digital products that will give you a competitive edge.

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