13 December 2023

How to set up your SaaS platform without a CTO

You may have been told that you need a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to navigate the often complex world of Software as a Service (SaaS platforms), startups and Minimum Viable Products. In this article, we’ll explain why that needn’t be the case. With the right approach and a trusted digital product partner by your side, you can successfully set up and manage an entire digital product design process that not only meets your objectives but exceeds them. Here’s how it works:

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Define your product and target market

Before you dive into the development stage, it's crucial to define your product and target market. This step is the foundation upon which your entire project will stand. Research and validate your product idea, making sure there is a genuine need in the market. Then take the time to understand your potential users and their pain points. This knowledge helps you create a product that resonates with your audience and differentiates you from other companies in the market.

Tip: Start by defining your Minimum Scalable Product. An MSP is like a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a smoother workflow, less error and a great chance at long-term success. Sounds good? Check out our article on the MSP approach here.

Choose the right tech stack

Selecting the right tech stack for your SaaS platform is as important as choosing the right tools to build your home or rewire your electrics. It can make or break your project's success so the importance of this decision cannot be overstated.

Common tech stacks for SaaS platforms include various combinations of programming languages, databases and frameworks which need to complement one another and work in harmony, both now and into the future.

If you lack a CTO's expertise, don't worry. Working with the right digital product partner, with a long-game approach will make this process much smoother. They can ensure you get a scalable, future-proofed solution, rather than a quick fix that might lead to complications down the road.

Identify the right digital product partner

One of the biggest pitfalls businesses experience is their CTO or the person in charge of product development lacks experience in the end–to–end project management side of things. Digital products are complex and working to a detailed plan that is aligned with a robust strategy is very important.

The right digital partner will assign specialists for product development and project management. These experts will create the roadmap that will guide your product from idea to launch to ongoing management; testing, iterating and communicating effectively throughout.

Outsourcing allows you to tap into a wealth of expertise without the burden of hiring a full-time team. However, finding an experienced, reliable, and professional development team that understands your specific requirements and challenges is key. Look for a partner who not only develops your product but also trains your team to manage the platform. This includes providing comprehensive training materials to ensure a smooth transition to in-house management. Remember, digital products are complex, and a knowledgeable partner can be your greatest asset.

Build a product development roadmap

It’s a common mistake for business owners to want to include as many features as possible in their digital products. However, while this may seem like they’re offering the most value, this approach usually means neglecting to consider what their users really want and need. By working with an experienced partner and developing a comprehensive roadmap you can identify the features that people will find most useful. The ones that will resonate and draw them in.

So, what does a good road map look like? The best development roadmaps outline the path from conception to completion, helping you stay on course and avoid costly detours. Prioritisation is crucial here, as is ensuring your product will be scalable and meet your, and your users' needs over time. A digital partner will guide you through this journey, ensuring that your development roadmap is aligned with your goals and resources.

Testing and launching your digital product

Testing and launching are the moments of truth for your digital platform, app or tool. Thorough testing makes sure your product functions seamlessly and user feedback plays a vital role in making necessary improvements. But how can you handle this without a CTO?

It's often best to work with a custom software design agency to support you throughout testing and launching. They have the expertise to identify and address bugs and usability issues efficiently and effectively. They should also be able to offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your platform's long-term success as well as identify any growth opportunities.

Take a look at how successful digital product growth works in practice.

Scalable digital products - without a CTO

As you can see, setting up and managing a digital product without a CTO is not only possible but achievable - as long as you have the right digital product partner by your side. When you are conducting your research, remember the benefits of ongoing support, especially from an agency that truly understands your business. With Miyagami, you can build your digital capacity in-house or connect with other top agencies for marketing, SEO, or whatever else you need. This approach creates a network of support that empowers your business and your team

As you grow your business and grow your digital ecosystem, having an experienced, result-focused partner like Miyagami ensures you're not only ready for the present but prepared for the future. Contact our team today to find out how we can help.

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