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Denim City

A mobile-first platform for the dutch denim community

We collaborated with Denim City to align their offline and online presence by translating their brand identity to a mobile-first platform for their community.

The client

Denim City is the sustainable denim factory and knowledge institute in the heart of Amsterdam, instrumental to the dutch denim industry and community. Their brand’s flagship store at De Hallen Amsterdam serves as the factory and community hub, where they host events, workshops, and produce and sell denim.

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The challenge

Denim City’s brand and community needed an online space to host an online shop and keep the community up to date with their latest events and workshops. We worked with their brand designer to produce a website that would align with Denim City’s brand identity and enable the institute to continue extending its reach digitally.

The solution

A new and aligned digital presence

To strengthen Denim City’s brand and digital presence, we created a mobile-first responsive website. The focus of the project was to translate the existing design vision and brand guidelines of Denim City into a safe and responsive website that the team could self-manage.

Control over their online content

As an educational institute with a diverse offer of workshops and events, the team at Denim City needed full control over their website to keep the content up to date. We worked with them in the handover of the platform and ensured they can maintain it themselves with a WordPress built-in CMS system.

A mobile-first approach

Denim City’s online traffic is mainly via mobile phone. With that in mind, we followed a mobile-first design and development approach to ensure not only responsiveness but as well that Denim City’s brand style would be uniform over all possible browsers and screen sizes.

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The new Denim City website enables the team to keep their community up to date with their latest events and manage an online shop. Not only that, through this translation of its brand to the digital space, Denim City has updated and strengthened its presence within the local denim industry.

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