A powerhouse community for all women in Finance

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The case in a nutshell

FemalexFinance approached Miyagami to build their new web platform together:

  • We implemented their new brand identity throughout the new platform in an interactive design prototype.
  • We created a scalable and modular web application that allows their members and partner companies to sign up and customize their journey.
  • We integrated Hubspot within the platform, leading to a single source of truth and automation.

The client

FemalexFinance is the powerhouse community for all women in Finance. They help talented women break into the financial sector, and reach their full potential. With a growing community of over 5500 women, and over 60 partners in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance and Quantitative Finance, their efforts continue to help make gender diversity in the finance sector the norm, not just a trend.

The challenge

FemalexFinance had a community plugin within their WordPress website, but due to the limits of customization and integration, this was not working in the way they wanted. With their rapid growth, they were looking for a more scalable solution that would also save them work through automation and having a single source of truth.


Tailor-made onboarding

The onboarding experience helps the new members to categorize what they are looking for and offers them a personalized view of the platform. This ensures that the members always see content that is relevant to them at each step in their journey.


Customized Personal Dashboard

Each member is looking for something different. By emphasizing the personalized dashboard new members get the chance to prepare as well as they can before they dive into the often difficult application process.

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Custom CMS & Web application

The new brand identity of FemalexFinance is outspoken and requires a lot of complex animations and styling. We created a custom CMS allowing them to update the dynamic content on their platform while ensuring that the Web Application was responsive and in line with the brand identity.

We created a platform that integrated the user's needs at its core

The new platform allows the user to create a personal profile and allows for automatic filtering based on the personal profile. This allows the users to directly get access to the content that is relevant to them.

A Flexible and scalable UI system

We translated a set of basic brand elements into a complete UI system and UI elements or components that are flexible and scalable. This system allows the FemalexFinance to be cohesive and aligned with its brand identity.

Integration of Hubspot to drive automation

By integrating Hubspot with every flow within the platform the data will be tracked within Hubspot and allows for marketing automation, as well as managing the new users and companies who sign up through the platform.

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