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Visualising energy data for sustainability

We partnered up with the Twinstone Group to develop the SlimWonen app that provides people with insights on their energy consumption at home and helps them adopt more sustainable behaviours.

The client

The Twinstone Group offers different solutions to involve residents in sustainability and accelerating the energy transition. In their own words:


Sustainability is still too much about technology, about technical solutions. If we really want to achieve something, we must involve the residents in sustainability.

Mockup of the SlimWonen App.

The SlimWonen App

With the mission of helping people adopt more sustainable energy behaviours at home, the SlimWonen team has devised an app that provides tenants with insights into their energy consumption at home. This information is shown to the user next to tips on how to reduce energy consumption, and consequently, energy costs. To be able to provide this app for free, SlimWonen works closely with housing corporations that offer the app to their tenants.

Mockup of the SlimWonen App.

The challenge

To visualise their energy consumption to each tenant, the SlimWonen app is connected to the smart meters of the different energy grid providers in the Netherlands. The team at SlimWonen approached us with the need of increasing their ownership over the app, improve its usability, and implement a better background technology that would improve the process of fetching information on energy consumption from the smart meters.

The solution

Together with SlimWonen, we have designed and developed a fully new solution that strengthens their product and business model. The brand new app provides complete ownership to the SlimWonen team and access to modify the app’s content at any point. The new technology improves and secures the process of fetching data about energy consumption.


The cloud-based mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android, scalable, and considers security at its core.

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Users can find in the new app multiple features that make it easier to stay on top of the energy consumption and encourage them to be more sustainable.

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A new analytics platform helps strengthen SlimWonen’s collaboration and user-data exchange with the housing corporations.

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Fixing the root cause

To solve the problem of requesting the energy usage data from the smart meters, we have developed for SlimWonen a cloud-based virtual server that requests and aggregates energy usage data from the Dutch Energy Data Services.

Our impact

Building digital capacity through a partnership

After creating a new set of digital solutions for SlimWonen, we have continued the partnership helping them offer new features to both the mobile app users and the housing corporations. Through our collaboration, we have helped the SlimWonen team increase their digital capacity by providing them with tools, documentation and tech education on, for example, digital security and software management.

Helping residents adopt more sustainable habits

We are quite proud of collaborating with the team at SlimWonen in making a positive impact. Together we are offering residents the tools to adopt more sustainable energy habits at home, and ultimately save on energy expenses and CO2 emissions.

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