Helping people save money and become more sustainable through energy insights and gamification.

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The case in a nutshell

SlimWonen approached Miyagami to help solve the following design and engineering challenges: 

  • To deliver a user-friendly interface and journey that is accessible to all. 
  • To implement background technology to streamline and improve the process of fetching information on energy consumption from the smart meters.
  • To give the client complete ownership over the web app and control of the data.

The client

Eight million homes are fitted with smart meters in the Netherlands and almost everybody has access to a smartphone. Based on this technology, SlimWonen provides a free app for users and managers of commercial and domestic buildings to track and monitor energy use. Their mission is to deliver solutions that encourage people to become actively involved and invested in sustainability and accelerating the energy transition.  In their own words: “sustainability is still too much about technology; about technical solutions. If we want to achieve something, we must involve the residents in sustainability.”

The challenge

SlimWonen’s main challenge was to create an app that offered an enjoyable, compelling experience that clearly communicated the benefits to the user and encouraged them to engage with it regularly. They needed the app to become a ‘habit’ for users so they would get the most value out of it and adopt it in the long term. They also needed to set up and maintain a highly secure and resilient technical process to retrieve and transfer information on energy consumption from smart meters.


User-friendly app

We created an app for SlimWonen that offers users features that make it easy to stay on top of energy consumption. The app shares regular tips and guidance to encourage them to be more sustainable and to keep checking their energy usage. 


Secure & Scalable

The app is Cloud-based to provide the highest levels of security possible. To ensure accessibility we designed the mobile app to be compatible with both iOS and Android. The design is scalable and can meet the needs of unlimited users.

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Analytics platform

We developed an advanced analytics platform that strengthened SlimWonen’s collaboration and user-data exchange with the housing corporations.

Building digital capacity through a long-term partnership

The team at Miyagami continues to work with SlimWonen, developing new features for both mobile app users and housing corporations. This means they can add value to users and increase their digital capacity. The client must maintain ownership over their product so we provide them with tools and documentation as well as guidance and training on specialist technical areas such as digital security and software management.

Helping tenants and houseowners adopt sustainable habits at home

SlimWonen works closely with housing corporations to be able to offer this app for free to their tenants. Through Miyagami’s collaboration with SlimWonen, they can provide residents with tools to adopt more sustainable habits of energy consumption. Ultimately, their goal is to take Dutch residents along the journey to become more sustainable.

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