31 May 2024

What is low code?

Understand the concept of low code and how it can benefit your business.

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What is low code?

Low code is an approach to software development that enables developers to build applications quickly with minimum hand-coding using pre-packaged blocks of code and drag-and-drop interfaces. It involves the use of visual modeling in a graphical interface to assemble and configure applications, speeding up development and deployment.### How does low code benefit your business?

  • Increased efficiency: With the capability to develop apps more quickly, developers can take on more projects in less time, raising productivity levels. See how low code accelerates digital product development.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Low code minimizes the need for extensive coding, thereby reducing the resource expenses related to software development. Here are insights on the cost effectiveness of low code.
  • Reduced complexity: Even those with little or no coding experience can use the developer-friendly interfaces of low code platforms to build apps.Design strategy made easy with low code.
  • Agility: Changes and upgrades can be made more quickly in a low code environment, making businesses more agile. Check out how low code contributes to effective product strategy.


In the long run, a low code approach to software development can save businesses time, money, and resources. This method also opens the door to more innovative solutions, as staff from diverse backgrounds who do not necessarily have extensive code training can contribute to a project and generate creative ideas.Are you considering leveraging low code for your business? Contact us now to get started.