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We partnered up with BeXchange to create a new insolvency-auctioning platform with state of the art encryption security and scalability.

The challenge

There are not many online platforms that make insolvency auctioning easy. These require a high level of transparency and security in the transactions as they handle different confidential data that has to be encrypted and safely stored. Being aware of this gap in his industry, our client approached us with the aim of creating Europe’s most secure and transparent auction platform for liquidation and recovery of businesses and assets. From that initial idea, we partnered up and lead a full-service design and development process. We ensured our client kept ownership throughout the project journey while requiring as little time as possible from his busy agenda.

Mockups screens of the BeXchange platform.

The solution

Through user research and prototyping, we ensured that both the usability and perceived transparency of the platform was in check. Based on a thorough technical analysis, we created a robust web platform, able to handle an extensive number of concurrent users and transactions. By managing accordingly the overhead and data structure, the platform has a very high performance.

Custom-made features that ensure scalability and security

Instead of relying on third-party services and increasing the running costs for our client, we developed for this platform each different functionality from the ground up. For example, we created a custom digital signing feature, instead of acquiring an expensive pre-made one, saving our client money and keeping the platform scalable and secure.

Mockup screen of the BeXchange platform on an ipad.

Ensuring a successful handover of the platform

Keeping the product handover in mind, we provided our client with custom CMS enabling them to edit and manage transactions, users and other information in the platform.

Mockups screens of the BeXchange platform.

Our impact

The result of this collaboration is an insolvency auctioning platform with state of the art encryption security and scalability, that provides our client with the leading competitive advantage for their new venture. Through a full-service process, our client remained in control of the project while requiring little time for them.

Who is using BeXchange?

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