PIT Self-Placement

Helping Pit Self-Placement deliver an enhanced, automated user experience via a future-proof digital product. 

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The case in a nutshell

Miyagami proposed an overhaul Pit Self-Placement that would drive an update of their business model and increase their competitiveness in the digital era. Here’s how:

The client

PIT Self-Placement offers a scientifically, statistical-based assessment process that enables people to understand what career and occupation would bring them the most satisfaction. 

The challenge

While PIT Self Placement are experts in transforming people’s paths, they needed support to go through a transformation of their own. Their key product required a technology update to help them stay relevant digitally, strengthen their business model and maintain a competitive edge.

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Custom CMS system

We created an intuitive digital platform that updates the business model and automates the service

Transformation of the existing technology 

To create this update, our development team dived into the existing code, built originally in DOS in 1942, gathered extensive knowledge on statistical methods and reverse-engineered the existing technology. This meant we could optimise the key processes and develop a new algorithm in Python to ensure the company is future-proof. 

Creation of an intuitive digital platform that updates the business model and automates the service

We developed a web application to integrate the new algorithm with a clear interface from which users can add the required information and download a report with the results. This platform also allows PIT Self Placement to manage the users and monitor their progress, ultimately automating their services from remote self-assessment to generating a custom report.

Enabling the client to carry out training and assessments remotely by offering secure, remote self-assessments.

The previous technology PIT Self Placement had in place meant they were restricted to conducting in-person training and assessment. Through the development and implementation of the new algorithm and platform, the team at Miyagami enabled them to carry out these activities remotely by offering secure, remote self-assessments to clients.  The impact of this partnership is a drastic reduction in the time the team needs to spend with each client. This presents exciting opportunities for exponential growth and the ability to stay competitive and future-proof in a crowded marketplace.

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